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AdHitProfits Review - Make Money Every 30 Minutes

AdHitProfits Review - Make Money Every 30 Minutes . You must be looking for the right business to join and ended up here looking AdHitProfits.

I'm sure like me, you're tired of all the hype and smoke screens behind the thousands of opportunities online today. Seeking an opportunity where you really can start earning a decent income and at the same time be able to advertise your business and even learn some effective online marketing strategies. Here I found it. I will refer to AdHitProfits to tell whether or not it is right for you. After all you are the one who can answer that question.
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  Who is AdHitProfits?

AHP was thought and created in April 2013 by Charles Scoville. Charles is a new successful entrepreneur who has been in the online / network marketing for a while.

What was the plan? Prove to the world that he is the real deal and make AdHitProfits business online better than anyone could have. In my opinion, he did just that. In just two months, Charles has proven to be a man of integrity by paying more than $ 3 billion in sales revenue to its members daily. He has shown great knowledge and business sense by structuring compensation plan as unique a way that will allow the continued success among all members and has a legal team to ensure full compliance worldwide.

Charles is an intelligent leader with unquestionable values ​​who cares AdHitProfits members. By now you're probably wondering, how I can make money online with AdHitProfits gains right? Well I'm about to show you, but first let's talk about the product.

What is AdHitProfits?

AHP is an online advertising company that allows you to buy advertising space on your website to advertise anything you want, within reason, of course. With an Alexa ranking of 1,581 current worldwide is to imagine the cost of advertising is quite high. Certainly yes, but be very surprised by the fact that their advertising actually costs less than the competition. Members who choose to advertise in AdHitProfits have seen some amazing results from advertising and have really been impressed. Now AdHitProfits members who want to take advantage of advertising on the list and also take part in the part of the remuneration of the company through participation in the revenue sharing model.

How I can make money with AdHitProfits?

Well, I will not go into details here, because as I said before, Charles certainly has created this compensation plan in a particular way that could occupy this entire page talking alone. As a member of AdHitProfits you can purchase advertising packages for $ 45 each which will give 1,000 clicks to whatever you choose to advertise.

In AdHitProfits going to pay back the revenue generated by every half hour.

Yes! You will be paid every 30 minutes based on sales revenue of the company. You will be reimbursed for a total of 125% in each and every ad that you buy at $ 45.

This means you get a total paid back to you of $ 56.25 for each listing purchased life. There is no fixed percentage every day of what will win because it is a revenue sharing model. The percentage paid is always fluctuating daily, which can be high and may be low. I can say that in a week average AdHitProfits has been paying 10%. We paid based on the revenue generated by the company. How many sources of income Does AdHitProfits? There are too many to mention, but I can list some here. A few income-generating currents are members of ad buys, advertisers buy banners, solo ads, and many more.

Your purchase of one or more shares ad revenue spots for $ 45!!
Win 125% equals $ 56.25 for every shares but long-term stable
Example: 5 shares x 45 c / u = $ 225 x 125% = 281.25
And every re-purchase equals $ 45 per share.
For every spot you get 1000 visits to your websites
Repurchases (or additional purchases)
Each buyback also provides additional visits 1000
Click on 10 sites a day to qualify for your daily profits, you get paid every 30 minutes.
Solo level 1: 10% referral commission!
Payment processors: alertpay, solidtrustpay and liberty reserve

AdHitProfits has even created its own forum to keep in touch with all members. Charles understands that communication and transparency with its subsidiaries is the key to the future success of AdHitProfits. I'm sure by now you have enough information to make an informed decision about AdHitProfits. Only one thing to do ...


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